Hi, I'm Rachel...

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I have always been passionate about politics and helping others. From a young age I’ve advocated on behalf of myself and my community - to be part of the solution. We all deserve to live a fulfilling, free and equal life.  


My decision to run in Moreland is a great opportunity to serve the community, as I’ve always done. I’m approachable, enthusiastic and passionate about improving our local neighbourhood. 

I bring with me a willingness to learn and embrace new skills, something that is imperative to the role of Councillor. I have good working relationships with people who have differing views and diverse opinions, as I understand that we are all working towards the same goal of coming together for our community.


I believe that finding new ways to work and operate in this COVID climate is a necessity to the survival of our way of life in Moreland. I embrace the challenges that are to be faced with a modern, can-do approach to politics. 


Moreland has been strongly represented by party politics in the past. To bring a more independent approach when representing our community means I’m less limited by the restrictions that exist within these major parties. At Reason, we play nice with others. 


My skills and experience are wide and varied. I’ve most likely served you a beer at the local pub, performed for you on stage or walked past you on our way to work. My professional roles have afforded me the ability to work in many different jobs and with a variety of diverse people. 


As the General Manager of Eros Association, a national industry association advocating for small businesses, I have campaigned on issues of personal freedoms, censorship, discrimination and equality. Previously I’ve worked in project management, policy and client liaison roles in both the Family Law Courts and Department of Human Services, as well as the Parliament of Victoria for Reason Party Leader and Victorian MP Fiona Patten.


I hold an undergraduate degree in sociology and politics as well as a Masters in Social Policy. I’m also a former performance artist, performing both locally and internationally under my burlesque persona, Freckles Blue. 


Some of my relevant career highlights include: 


  • Small Business Advocate and Lobbyist

  • Community Volunteer 

  • Performance Artist & Creator 

  • Hospitality Worker 

  • LGBTIQ Events and Advocacy 

  • Decriminalisation of Sex Work 

  • Advocating for Cannabis Law Reform

  • Peer-to-Peer Mentor Program 



My interests include fighting for evidence-based reform and action on climate change and renewable energy, women’s equity, LGBTIQ rights, transparent and accountable government, and positive social and political engagement, particularly with young people. I am a proud queer woman and a proud Brunswick local who would relish the opportunity to be in council representing the people and the community that I am part of and love. 


I will bring a considered and thoughtful approach to issues affecting Moreland and will advocate for: 


  • Tackling the climate emergency by ensuring council is proactive in this space. 

  • Inclusive community initiatives and resources to ensure all in the community are supported and connected. 

  • Revitalising small business opportunities and the local community connection, particularly for the Sydney Road precinct. 

  • Providing innovative solutions to supporting the arts and entertainment communities. 

  • A targeted approach to gender equity issues and safety within our community, particularly for women.

  • Transparency of government and accountability of council and councillors.  

  • Modern, forward-thinking council initiatives that support well-being within the community such as a Northern Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.