Council Candidate Calls For Healthy Highs

Rachel Payne, the Reason Party Candidate for Moreland South Ward, is running on a platform on facilitating a Medicinal Cannabis Clinic and Dispensary for northsiders.

Ms Payne, an advocate for cannabis law reform and the head of the Eros Association, wishes to highlight the benefits of medicinal cannabis as both a treatment for a variety of health problems and as a local employer.

“At least once a week online I see residents post queries looking for doctors who prescribe medicinal cannabis” noted Ms Payne “gone are the days where cannabis is regarded as socially unacceptable - most people are really open to the therapeutic effects of cannabis”. 

Victoria’s first medicinal cannabis clinic and dispensary was founded in 2018 and operates in St Kilda. 

“Due to the pandemic, many people are experiencing anxiety and depression. CBD treatments have been proven to assist in treatment and are considered a safer, natural alternative” said Ms Payne.  “Medicinal cannabis is a safe alternative to traditional medicines used to treat many health problems, from anxiety and insomnia through to pain relief, arthritis and cancer treatments.” 

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has recent rescheduled medicinal cannabis products to allow greater patient access.

Contact: Rachel Payne: P: 0492 966 312

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